Technical Evaluation

BVS Technology Evaluation utilises a set of principles, methods and techniques/tools for effective assessing the potential value of your technology and its contribution to the company’s competitiveness and profitability. A thorough evaluation assesses the technology and its device’s value from technical, market and consumer perspectives and reconciles the results within a valid methodology.
Technology Evaluation is one of the most significant techniques in innovation function, such as technology transfer and it is best utilized in screening new ideas, assessing innovative or not innovative technologies.
Our evaluation criteria brings in to consideration far reaching factors that affects the successful delivery of leading values to the business on a long term basis including future business targets and business risks affecting the industry.

In the light of emerging technologies, our evaluation focus on critical review of legacy IT leveraging business insights and technology know-how to identify gaps in legacy systems and other areas of innovation to ensure that clients achieve greater operational efficiency and keep abreast of emerging trends. 
We conduct extensive reviews of your present technology landscape and benchmark against leading technology practices taking into cognisance the relating factors that affects value delivery in the long run. With a strong business case for change and the development an integrated roadmap, BVS will demonstrate clearly how the value proposition will align with Business to deliver on business goals