IT Strategy and Process

Innovations in Information Technology rapidly changing the face of businesses on a daily basis and the pace of change is enormous 
As an enabler of business, Information technology creates an environment of increased efficiency and partnership to ensure that business goals are achieved leveraging the platform of IT. It is therefore important for any organisation to ensure that there is right balance of investments in IT to provide sustainable resilient infrastructure, up-to-date information systems, and to allow the organisation to embrace innovation.

To allow efficiency from IT investment, organisations do well to keep IT systems as simple as possible, using common standards, keeping process streamlined, and where possible outsourcing IT services.

At BVS, we facilitate the design and implementation of an efficient strategy to achieve simplification and standardisation so as to allow a reduction in the amount of investment required for maintenance and support of far-reaching systems. With standardisation also comes improved reliability and expansion our clients IT systems and services.

Information Security is a swelling risk for any organisation and requires a rational approach that balances personal freedoms with personal protection, organisational efficiency with organisational risk, and protects loss of data, reputation and intellectual property depending on the criticality of the clients’ industry. Our strategy evolution approach (whether emergent or intended) favours an extensive review and closure of identified gaps based on leading practices in newer areas risks within the IT domain to suit the client’s organisational context.

Our approach to achieving success entails;

  • The deployment of our experienced and knowledgeable consultants to work on-site with selected counterpart staff to develop, refine and select the most appropriate strategic options to meet the IT challenges facing our clients
  • The leveraging of our firm-wide experts and knowledge centers to facilitate strategic thinking, involvement and sponsorship by the clients’ management
  • Quick delivery of business value through the  identification of opportunities that can be quickly implemented and as such lead to immediate realization of tangible benefits to our clients
  • Adopting an holistic approach that simultaneously addresses strategy, people, and processes for the new requirements, as technology change does not occur in isolation