Tax Planning

Effective tax planning involves paying very close attention to whole wide areas including changes in tax regulation, expected change of events, management of tax relationship of business units, their owners, employees, their creditors , debtors and even the government.
This could be complex, arduous and time consuming not to mention cost incurring for businesses and their owners. Hence, the need for highly experienced tax consultants who understand the language of tax planning.

We have the resources, skills, experience and specialists in areas of tax planning and management who carry out their assignments with due diligence and help your companies to effectively and efficiently plan for your taxes to avoid unpleasant surprises and to comprehensively manage all such risks, financial, legal and reputational that may arise from such surprises.

Management of corporate income tax could impact greatly on the performance of the organization.
As having a good understanding of the business and its environment coupled with an in depth knowledge of tax matters arising would help in effectively managing the tax issues peculiar to each organization.
At BVS, we have the required expertise to manage and deliver value to our clients in this regard. We have built expertise over the years based on the excellence of our Human resources, and world class processes and methodologies.

A clear understanding of the various transactions is required before they can be properly managed.  The various transactions vary from acquisition, disposal, and refinancing, restructuring or initial public offering. Understanding and planning for these implications can mitigate transaction risk, enhance opportunity within the deal and provide crucial negotiation insights.
With the high-quality service at BVS, our teams are set to provide you with the necessary requirements to address your unique needs, throughout the entire tax life cycle of planning, provision, monitoring, compliance and working with the tax authorities.