Management of PAYE & Statutory Deductions

This is backed by law to ensure every company abides by the tax laws governing every registered company in a country. Every employee and employer is expected to remit a certain portion of their salary on a monthly basis to tax office. Certain rate is computed for PAYE while another percentage is apportioned for Pension.

  • Registration Process
  • Processing of tax card
  • Monthly computation and deduction
  • Monthly remittance
  • Annual PAYE & Pension returns.
  • Registration of new staff in the respective tax office to avert any penalty that may arise.
  • Coordinate the processing, remittance and reconciliation of all payroll related statutory liabilities (PAYE and Pension) to ensure compliance with all payroll related tax laws and regulations.
  • Filing of tax returns in compliance with the deadline of the statutory authorities.
  • Prepare PAYE and Pension schedule as support document for external auditor’s use.
  • Prepare monthly reports related to the payroll statutory deduction.
  • Respond to queries related to payroll statutory deduction.

BVS is well positioned to assist our clients to manage the PAYE and other statutory deductions to maximize tax benefit, minimize tax exposure and minimize general financial loss arising from PAYE management pitfalls.
We achieve these through the deployment our highly experienced tax team and our well appraised methodology for our clients’ total advantage.