IFRS Quality Assurance

Overview: In financial reporting today, most of the world already talks to investors and stakeholders about corporate financial performance in the language of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Adoption and implementation of IFRS has impact on key performance metrics, company’s infrastructures including underlying processes, systems, controls and even customer contracts and interactions.
Our Approach: With a pool of energetic, goal-driven, dynamic and vastly experienced professionals, BVS helps companies to pilot and sustain quality assurance in their IFRS adoption and implementation process.
Our involvement in both large and small-scale accounting conversion for companies in public and private sectors for over the years has helped us to build world-class practices and full time conversion experts. Our proven methodology to performing high quality, involving and well-controlled implementation process is flexible and measurable which makes it to work in organizations of any size.
We will work with you to ensure compliance and standard at every stage of IFRS conversion and implementation.