IFRS Project Management

Our Approach: From our experience in IFRS conversion, we adopt the most appropriate approach in delivering the conversion to the new reporting platform following our conversion readiness assessment. In doing this, we adopt a holistic project management approach in order to assess the full scope and requirements of an IFRS conversion project to our clients. We identify manageable timescales and clear deliverables that are targeted at ensuring that there is a continuous business value realisation.
We deploy strong project management skills and methodologies which are critical to the success of any project. 
Typical of any project, we begin our conversion by developing detailed project plans in line with the project phasing to provide direction and guide active monitoring by all stakeholders.
We implement adequate project resourcing to ensure that the right mix of skills (of consultants and clients) is deployed to our functional teams. This will ensure that, throughout the project, resources from different sections of the business with varying skill sets are able to engage in multiple work streams simultaneously throughout the life of the project
Our commitment to standard project governance practices ensures continuous commitment of teams and quality of the delivery process evident in the rigorous sessions, perfect interplay of functional teams, strict adherence to timelines and the suitability of deliverables to client’s specific scenarios as well as other embodiments of project management process.
We maintain a robust project organisation to ensure proper governance in the conversion process;

Using BVS Implementation Approach, we assist clients in undertaking an IFRS conversion by providing a;

  • structured approach for managing IFRS conversion process
  • disciplined and client-tailored method of working that can be modified to the needs, size and culture our clients
  • proven approach to managing change within your business