IFRS Implementation

Overview: Many companies today are talking to investors and stakeholders about corporate financial performance in the language of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). With over 12,000 companies in over 100 countries already reporting IFRS, there is no reason why your company should be left behind.
IFRS implementation is not just about the figures only it cut across all the activities and functions of the company. As such, organizations should see it as an opportunity to comprehensively reassess its’ operations and financial reporting processes. A company should be able to boast of a ‘clean’ financial policies and processes after the conversion period.

Our Approach: At BVS, we adopt a holistic approach to IFRS Implementation. We consider the impact on every aspect of the business and assess the impact of IFRS on each aspect.
 Our approach for achieving success on implementation project is based on our proven IFRS Implementation Methodology. This has been benchmarked against leading practices applicable to several industries. It is worth noting that the approach could have some slight changes after assessing a client’s peculiar operating environment.To achieve success, we believe there must be a perfect blend of both consultants and clients for the conversion exercise. Clients’ participation will ensure knowledge is transferred to the clients’ staffs that ensures continuous IFRS reporting after the conversion period.You can be assured that we deliver reliably and accurately on time. And you can rely on our commitment to building a long-term partnership with you by developing an understanding of your business, offering a flexible and tailored approach to delivering our services and building a personal relationship with you.