Human Resourcing

Overview:  The process of finding fitting human resources in organizations often requires rigour and time. In finding the right candidates for job posts, certain lengthy processes are unavoidable and require dedicated HR specialists not immersed or absorbed in daily HR activities in the organization. HR executives see the need to engage HR consulting firms with experience, active connection to the labour market and reliability in sourcing for, screening and recommending the very best candidates required.

Our Approach: The Human Resourcing arm of our advisory team leverage standard recruitment practices, technology, media, and sound understanding of our clients’ business and their overall organizational goals and objectives in finding just the right candidates for their vacancies. Our goal is to find potential employees who can be “hired-to-retire” i.e. who are in perfect sync with organizational vision and have the potential to key into it from the word go.
Our methodology involves the following activities:

  • Review and validation of Job Descriptions
  • Job advertisements on professional media platforms
  • Networking with potentially qualified applicants
  • Conducting assessments via written tests and oral interviews
  • Screening for qualified applicants
  • Making employment recommendations for most qualified applicants
Quality of our service: The quality of our service is evidenced by the quality of the calibre of potential employees we recommend to our clients. Also, the impact of our service on engagement is reflected in the recruitment finesse developed in the HR team with which we interface in ensuring high performance in our service delivery.