Change Management

Overview: Organizational evolution ensuing from refocused or re-engineered business processes, mergers and acquisitions, fluctuating financial times and major periods of workforce disruption have direct impact on the internal dynamics of any organization. Over the years, organizations have learned to be responsible for driving the change that they desire by leveraging pro-activity, foresight, immunity to adverse external change elements and employing strategic initiatives in driving change or responding to change. Inherent challenges exist in gearing human capital in this direction, maintaining desired level of workforce efficiency and productivity while ensuring that optimal business benefit is harnessed from key changes as they unfold.
Our Approach: Our change management practitioners at BVS are aware that most change management initiatives in organizations fail majorly due to poor planning and stakeholder awareness amongst other reasons. With this practical knowledge, we adopt a modelled Change Management failure-Risk Mitigation Strategy (CMF-RMS) in ensuring that our clients can profit from positive changes or change initiatives and are as immune as possible to negative external changes elements. We support our clients in change management by formulating guiding frameworks before and during key changes. This framework involves mapping out structured timelines for communication, stakeholder engagement and execution of action plans.