Capacity Development

Overview: The development of the human capital capacity of any organisation, be it a small enterprise or large scale corporation, is critical to the sustainability of growth cascading from efficient operations, new business innovations and optimised business processes. It goes to impart on the business competitiveness and profitability. Smart organisations see the need to engage competent, skilled and dedicated consulting firms to revamp organizational culture towards continuous human capital capacity development in a bid to harness its targeted impacts and benefit.

Our Approach: The Human Capital Capacity Development (HCCD) arm of our Advisory Team has leveraged the wealth of experience from our dynamic our HR professionals. We deploy system-based strategic approaches in delivering the most beneficial Human Capital Capacity Development framework to our clients. A key element of this framework is the strategic benchmarking of employee operational competences with specific organizational targets and ensuring that it fulfils the organisation’s mission, vision and goals. We deploy the use of effective and objective metrics and indices as capacity indicators and targets in this endeavour. Our methodology for cutting-edge service delivery involves:

  • Establishing Internal Training and Development Programs (ITDPs)
  • Highlighting and recommending vital job enhancing certifications
  • Offering tailored mentoring/coaching programmes
  • Recommending job specific advanced training and continued education
To achieve success on this, we exploit working in synergy with the HR department of our client to establish a lasting and functional operational framework for capacity development.